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Hesham Mohamed Ahmed AL-Sayyad
15 wahba street in EL-saieda zienab
Cairo, Egypt Tele: (02) 27924859
Mobile: (0100) 2628664
E-mail: Hesham.elsaiad
Banquemisr E-mail:
|objective |
| |Seeking a challenging position in a multinational or a local organization where my educational background and skills can be applied |
| |and further developed. |
| | |
|education |
| |2004-2008 Cairo University Cairo, Egypt |
| |Faculty of Commerce, Accounting Dept. |
| |Grade: good |
| | |

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...The 2009 Newsweek 50 Most Powerful People list has central bankers from the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan listed at 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively. * Explain why these three men are thought to be more powerful than most countries' leaders. * Illustrate the far-reaching effects of monetary policy by choosing one action the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) has taken in the past 10 years and explaining its effects. * What action did the Fed take? When did this happen (month/year)? * How did this action affect interest rates and exchange rates? * How were banks and businesses affected? * What was the impact on international trade? * Do you believe U.S. monetary policy should follow Keynesianism or Monetarism? Explain your reasoning. Be sure to cite all references using APA style. The three central bankers named in the list of most powerful men are influential because they handle the monetary policy. Monetary policy is a powerful and immediate tool to affect the demand side economics of any country. Monetary policy operations have far reaching effects which are much more immediate then fiscal policy. This also renders monetary actions a bit dangerous as at least five of the eight post war recessions in US can be attributed to anti inflationary policies of FED. (Tobin, 2008, ret: So the power that resides in central bankers hands in enormous. Lets take the example of Global......

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