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The future for many of us is unclear and unpredictable. The american dream would be to have a family and kids, the house with a white picket fence and a spouse who loves us unconditionally. The course of life takes us through the ups and downs and trials and errors of trying to find that one person who essentially “completes” us. When starting out, the overwhelming passion and desire to be in the presence of another can only be categorized as infatuation. As time goes by, we start learning about our companion, their little quirks and bad habits that become almost endearing. We start to see things that we are in awe of, traits that make that person a compatible partner. Admiration is to be in awe of someone for who they are. Admiration and infatuation are ingredients to finding someone who is worthy of our time, someone who we feel we could spend forever with. Infatuation is as blinding as it is captivating. The beginning stages of infatuation is essentially the honeymoon phase. Everything in the relationship is going better than you could have hoped for. Passion is ignited every moment your together. The ideas that are formed in your own hopeful heart of who they could possibly be and more often than not, who you want them to be can lead to the disappointment that is found when one day you realize the truth. The person you thought you knew so well was just a mere illusion of who you wanted them to be spawned from your own infatuation. When you’re infatuated with someone, you start to lose sight of everything around you. Infatuation becomes a disguise for true love. When you’re infatuated with someone, in essence you’re in love with the idea of who they are. You don’t see the poor qualities they may have because you’re blinded by the fabrication of this person that you’ve created for yourself. The reality of who they are start to show and the walls of world you’ve…...

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