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Assignment on Structure of Finanacial Sector in Bangladesh

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1. Name & Number of banking & other financial institutions. (Category wise updated data)

Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank has been working as the central bank since the country’s independence. Its prime jobs include issuing of currency, maintaining foreign exchange reserve and providing transaction facilities of all public monetary matters. Bangladesh Bank regulates and supervises the activities of all banks. Bangladesh Bank is also responsible for planning the government’s monetary policy and implementing it thereby.

The Bangladesh Bank has a governing body comprising of nine members with the Governor as its chief. Apart from the head office in Dhaka, it has nine more branches, of which two in Dhaka and one each in Chittagong, Rajshahi, khulna, Bogra, Sylhet, Rangpur and Barisal.

Category of Bank in Bangladesh

|Category |Number of banks |
|Nationalized Commercial Banks |4 |
|Local Private commercial banks |30 |
|Foreign Private Banks |9 |
|Specialized Banks of Bangladesh |5 |
|Renowned Financial Institutions |6 |

Nationalized Commercial Banks

The banking system of Bangladesh is dominated by the four Nationalized Commercial Banks. The nationalized commercial banks are:

|No. of Bank |Name of the Bank |

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