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Company background 3
Task 1.1: Identify all the possible sources of finance available to the firm 3
Task 1.2: Assess the implication of the different sources 6
Task 1.3: Evaluate appropriate sources of finance for a business project 7
Task 2.1: Analyze costs of different sources of finance 10
Task 2.2: The importance of financial planning 12
Task 2.3: The information needs for financing decisions required by managers 13
Task 2.4: The impact of finance on the financial statements 15
References 18

Company background:

Established in 2001 and officially went into operation in 2003, Dairy Products Joint Stock Company Hanoi (Hanoimilk) has grown to become the leading enterprises of the dairy industry. Currently, the company is gradually controlling the the market and maintain the confidence of consumers with branded dairy products IZZI, Yotuti, Hanoimilk 100% fresh milk.
With modern production lines and equipment, innovative technology, excellent staff and enthusiastic, Hanoimilk constantly improving the quality control of raw material purchasing processes and production to provide consumers with safety products with valuable source of nutrition each day.


Task 1.1: Identify all the possible sources of finance available to the firm

A) Share capital:
Share capital is a form of equity. It is a capital account that exchange for the right to run a company. People with more shares, the higher power. Investing in a company that holds stock form is a pretty common thing in today's marketplace. The issuance of additional shares as well as resources that companies often think of first when you want to create a new financing or raising capital. Through the share capital of the business, who can look to know who is the head of the…...

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