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ART 1223, ART SURVEY | Instructor: Todd Parker Class Participation–Look! Chapter 1
Look! Chapter 1
Answer the following questions over chapter 1 from Look! by Anne D'Alleva. Type your responses in a WordTM document or similar format. Submit the paper to the assignment dropbox titled Class Participation 1 in Canvas. Bring your response to class and be prepared to discuss your answers. 1. At this moment, how would you personally define art? * I would define art to be anything that someone took the time to make or craft together in a creative way or required skill. 2. How much better or worse if our experience of art using the more traditional definition of art? * If I’m understanding the question. Our experience with art would be worse if everyone defined art in the more narrow minded traditional way. It would be nice to have one single definition that everyone could agree on but most art would look the same and fall under the same certain categories. There would be little variation and lots of things would get left out. 3. What is useful in using the definition of art that D’Alleva provides on p. 13? * It is useful because she gave us her definition of art and what all she would refer to as art, and the definition also covers anything and everything that maybe considered as art around the world and from various periods in time.

4. Are there other reasons why a learner would want to study art history? * Other than for the reasons that D’Allva mentioned (a GE requirement, becoming a well rounded person, to teach you to think differently, for better understanding of the past, and just for the joy of it), I can only add one more reason. To see different techniques and how the finished works look and to be able to apply it to your own works. 5. After reviewing formal and contextual analysis as two ways of approaching art, which do you think is better? Why? * I think that formal is a better way of approaching art because sometimes all there is to it is what you see. There may not be an underlying deep thought as to why the piece looks like it does other than that’s how they wanted it to look, it’s pleasing to the eye that way.…...

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