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Are You Sure? It's Powerful to See Who They Know.

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Unit 22-B Easton Place Condominium
Salcedo Village, Makati City

May 10, 2013

Attention: Ms. Wilma Buenaobra Property Owner C/o Ms. Mylene Ngo Special Power of Attorney Dear Ms. Buenaobra;

This is to formalize our intent offer to purchase the above mentioned unit, in behalf of our clients Ms. Sun Hye Lee Pirodon and Mr. Christian Pirodon, French National, with postal address at Hotel Intercontinental Manila, No. 1 Ayala Ave, Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines, under the following terms and conditions;

Offer Purchase Price : Php 8,500,000.00 – spot cash plus standard buyer expenses (forwarded already the estimated buyer expenses) Can settle the payment as early as possible
SELLERS ACCOUNT * 6% capital gain tax (CGT) or 12% WHT if company owned (if any) * 3% brokers commission as service fee

BUYERS ACCOUNT * 1.5% Documentary stamp tax * 1.5% approx transfer tax and registration and * Other minimal expenses (Xerox, notary, Processing fee and other docs.)

Should you find the aforementioned terms and conditions acceptable, please affix your signature on the space provided below. Above should be done on or before contract signing of client.

It is understood that the hereunder signatory brokers below are entitled to receive 3% brokers commission as service fees.

We look forward to a successful working relationship with you.
Thank you very much,

At your service, Conforme:

Marychel A. Calma ____________________
0926-6756819 Ms. Wilma Buenaobra Unit Owner

Mary Jean Chua ________________________
Associate Broker Ms. Mylene Ngo
Maribel Harris Atty. In fact
Kristine Surla NOTED BY: _____________________ Mr. Christian Pirodon Buyer

____________________ Ms. Sun Hye Lee Pirodon Buyer

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