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Are Women Paid Less Than Men

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Are Women Paid Less Than Men Becase their Working Conditions are more Favorable?

Over the years, women have faced many obstacles and barriers in the workforce. Women believe they should be able to receive the same opportnities available to the oppisite sex. Women fought for their right to vote, obtain a college education and employment opportunities. Although women have won this right for their rights, today they have yet to gain the same respect and equal pay as men in the workplace. In the book, "Taking Sides, Clashing Views on Controversial Economic Issues" by Thomas R. Swartz and Frank J. Bonello, this issue is discussed between Randall K. Filer, Jerry A. Jacobs and Ronnie J. Steinberg. In my brief, I will discuss the salary inequality between genders and the reasons supporting their arguement.

Associate professor of economics, Randall K. Filer suggests that "women are attracted to occuptions that have more pleasant job charactertics than those jobs that are dominated by men" (page 78) He believes in having a more pleasant occupation would have a lower compensation. He conducts a survey of men and women in relative positions in the labor market. He states facts are prominent, "Median weekly earnings of full-time female workers over age 16 have risen from 61 percent of those for men in 1978 to 71 percent of male earnings in the second quarter of 1987" (page 58) The possible causes in sex differences is the difference in productivity and utility functions. Randall believes one gender has different amount of productivity levels. Physical differences plays a huge part because it shows the advantages of men, preventing women to perform at the same level. Men and woman make prudent choices in the job market due to their preference. Women prefer a more attractive working conditions, ample time off and able to…...

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