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Are Thoughts Useful or Harmful?

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According to the Oxford Dictionaries (2015) a thought can be referred to as an opinion or idea produced through thinking, or happening abruptly in the mind. The process of thinking is distinctive to humans since they are believed to be intellectual creatures. Undeniably, the thinking procedure is helpful to mortals. Humans exist in a culture that requires them to conform to certain established values. In an attempt to live and follow those values, humans are supposed to think through their deeds. Through ideas, people can live together and deal with challenges that might come up. The process of growing ideas might come about at an individual level, or it might take a communal approach. Thoughts appear in two ways; constructive and harmful. Constructive thoughts result in good actions, whereas harmful thoughts produce bad acts.
To start with, too much thinking is detrimental to ones’ well being. Thinking is part of life. On the other hand, studies show that too much thinking damages the brain (Alcock, 2010). Specialists recommend that people ought to know how to avoid thinking. Thinking a lot often happens when somebody is under extreme pressure. Over-thinking may perhaps come owing to people residing in demanding environs or the minute they face tough situations. It is recommended that people need to seek out expert help while in such situations. Support from friends and family is just as vital. These concerns emphasize the importance of sharing ones’ thoughts. Unnecessary thinking and subduing feelings stemming from the process has undesirable outcomes on the overall well being of a person.
Secondly, upright thoughts bring about healthier relationships amongst people. When people embrace decent thoughts, they have a tendency to do noble things. It is difficult for people to encompass good beliefs and display wicked actions since good deeds are a normal result of…...

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