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In the ‘Blue Peter’ interview with JK Rowling, author of the 'Harry Potter' books, the questions that were asked were planned, open and friendly. They seemed planned because when the kids were asking the questions, one of them seemed like they were trying to remember her question word for word. The questions were pretty open because JK Rowling had the freedom to answer the questions with any answer rather than a simple yes or no. Since it was young children, mainly girls, who were asking the questions and because the kids were fans of her books, the questions were friendly.

The structure of the interview was so that the kids or interviewers were sitting around the interviewee, JK Rowling. She was sat on a throne-like chair in the middle of the room with all the interviewers around her. There were also a few adults in the room with the kids to help with them. The reason children were used to interview JK Rowling was because they were all fans of the series and were different ages, although they were mainly girls, there were one or two boys there and this was creating a variety of questions within the room.

During the interview, when she was asked a question, she gave a mix of long and short answers and she kept eye contact with the child who asked the question. She also made faces when explaining something and used formal Standard English but it a slightly simpler way so the kids can understand. JK Rowling also used a range of short answers and long answers just like the children used some questions that were shorter than others. At one point during the interview, she responds to a question with another question, waits for a response and then answers what she thinks will happen. The point where this happened was when one of the girls asked about whether she would cry at book 7 or not, JK Rowling answered with the question, “Have you ever cried at a sad book?”…...

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