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To The Director,
MDI Murshidabad,
Murshidabad, West Bengal

(Sub: Requisition request with approximate budget)

Respected Sir,

We would like to make a requisition request for office room for Junior Placement Committee. We would need the below mentioned things: Items | Quantity | Purpose | Cost | Computers | 3 | Database, communication and official work | To be provided by college | Multi plug cords | 2 | Office work | 500 | Air conditioner | 1 | Office work | 40000 | White Board marker | 10 (5 Blue, 2 Green, 3 Black) | Office work | 250 | White Board | 1 | Office work | 2000 | White Board duster | 1 | Office work | 100 | Water Dispenser | 1 | Office requirement | To be provided by college | Coffee Machine | 1 | Office requirement | 10000 | Small Refrigerator | 1 | Office requirement | 10000 | Mattresses | 3 | Office requirement | 2000 | Bed Sheets | 3 | Office requirement | 1000 | Window curtain | 1 | Office requirement | To be provided by college | Internet router | 1 | Internet connectivity for multiple PCs | 1500 | Pencil cells | 10 | Office requirement | 500 | Office Files | 15 | Office requirement | 500 | Folders | 15 | Office requirement | 500 | Open Pin up board | 1 | Office requirement | 100 | Existing Almirah keys | 1 | Office requirement | NA | Laser scanner printer | 1 | Office requirement | 30000 | Mobile handset with sim (prepaid) | 2 | Communication requirements | 6000 | SLR camera | 1 | For brochure and virtual website design | 30000 | 1 pencil box, 2 sharpeners, 2 erasers, 2 staplers, 12notepads, 1 punching machine, staple pin 2 boxes, 1 pen box, A4 sheet pack 1 nos, U-pins, Pins, Notice board pens, 2 scissors, Mdi envelopes 31 nos, Small diaries 20 nos | | Stationary | 2000 |

Please approve the above mentioned request for JPC work.

CC: Dr. Soumendu Biswas
(Placement Head, MDI Murshidabad)

Yours Sincerely,
Junior Placement Committee…...

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