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19 February 2016
Essay 1 On April 28, 2010, the political cartoon titled “Anglozona Illegal Tan Block” was published by the St. Luis Dispatch. Pictured in the political cartoon is an orange bottle of sunscreen, patterned just like the state flag of Arizona. With a completely white background surrounding this bottle of sunscreen, it’s hard not to focus directly on the bottle and analyze every detail of it. Also shown on the bottle of sunscreen is a picture of a cactus that seems to be dressed to look like the Statue of Liberty. The cactus holds a tablet in one hand with the words “Show I.D.” inscribed, and a torch in the other. The sunscreen’s impossibly high SPF of 12,000 is printed in bold white letters across the bottle to show that there is absolutely no way that your skin will get any more tan than it already is. Under the bold letters, the sunscreen claims that it “protects against police harassment.” Why would a sunscreen need SPF 12,000 protection as well as protection against police harassment? All of these factors come into play with the circumstances that were in play back in 2010. The Arizona Senate Bill 1070 was a legislative act that was passed in 2010. The SB 1070 act stated that U.S federal law requires all aliens over 14 years of age who have stayed in the United States longer than 30 days to register with the U.S government and keep their registration documents with them at all times. Violation of this law was considered a federal misdemeanor. This law also gave Arizonian officers the right to arrest people, based on their skin tone, if they did not have the required documentation as an immigrant. The “Anglozona Tan Block” cartoon was created to bash the law and make a public statement saying that the law was absolutely ridiculous and messed up. The SPF 12,000 sunblock is to be applied to your face and body and…...

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