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Andromeda Strain

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1. Name and type of microorganism (actual disease mimic) indicate the name and the type of microorganism that caused the pandemic in each movie and what actual disease they mimic

Code name: “andromeda”. Andromeda Strain is a deadly extraterrestrial virus. I mutates with each growth cycle, changing its biologic properties. The microbe contains chemical elements required for terrestrial life and appears to have a crystalline structure, but lacks DNA, RNA, proteins, and amino acids, yet it directly transforms matter to energy and vice versa. The scientists learn that Andromeda grows only within a narrow pH range; in a too-acid or too-basic growth medium, it will not multiply—Andromeda's pH range is 7.39–7.43, like that of human blood.

Leptospirosis. 2. Origin and how it spread state where the organisms came from and explain how they were spread

Project Scoop was one of several attempts to investigate a singularity, or a worm hole, that has mysteriously appeared in the Solar system. Sent specifically collect biological samples, the satellite malfunctioned upon approaching the worm hole and fell back to Earth. It was picked up and released the deadly agent. Piedmont, Utah. Further investigation determines that the bizarre deaths were caused by a crystal-structured, extraterrestrial microbe on a meteor that crashed into the satellite, knocking it from orbit.

3. Cause and Symptoms of the disease explain how the microorganisms cause the disease and enumerate the signs and symptoms exhibited by infected individuals The airborne microorganism kills the host by entering the bloodstream through the lungs and coagulating the blood in the body, causing death within 10 seconds…...

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