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Rhetorical analysis of Mitt Romney´s republican victory speech
On the 7th November 2012 the presidential in America ended. Two candidates, one from each party, the Republican and the Democratic Party participated in the race. The results were as followed; Obama was re-elected for another 4 years in the White House. The participant from the Republican Party was the former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Even though he didn´t win the election as he had hoped, his road to the top of the Republican Party is also very interesting to follow. For example the Super Tuesday Victory Speech he gave on March 6th 2012 after having won the Republican presidential candidacy on Super Tuesday. Perhaps if this speech had been different he would have been elected president in America?
To look closer into this speech, will at first use the SOAPSTONE model to analyse it. The speaker of the text is of course the one delivering it, Mitt Romney. The speech where given as said before on Super Tuesday after having won the Republican presidential candidacy, which is the occasion for it. Especially the occasion is very important for Mitt Romney and his speech, since it will be showed on national television, where his audience most likely will be millions of republican voters, both those who supported him and those who didn´t. Which means that Romney will get the change to convince the republican voters, who supported other candidates in the run, to keep their vote republican in the presidential campaign, even though he is now their presidential candidate. Therefor the purpose of his speech is to convince the republican voters that even though their favourite candidate won´t be in the run for president, their hopes and expectations towards a future republican president will still be fulfilled if they place their vote with Mitt Romney in the upcoming election. To prove that, he talks…...

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