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Corporate Finance-­‐ II

-­‐ P r a t e e k T a y a l # 2 0 1 1 1 4 1

C o r p o r a t e F i n a n c e -­‐ I I

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C ase I: A merican Home Products Corporation
Solutions to various questions are given below: A ns. 1: At Present, American Home Products Corp. seems to have no business risk but may face a certain risk in the long run. As per the ratios, it should not worry about business risk as: Working capital is very healthy ($1472.8 million). Cash excess ($233 million) The high Return on Assets (ROA), high profit margin, low current-to-asset ratio and 49.71 collection days show that AHP can generate cash quickly, so it can maintain current high 14.1% in 1978 to 8.8% in 1981 (Exhibit 1) shows that it faces future risk of losing market shares in all its business lines if it does not foresee competition and A ns. 2: High ROE (30.3). High quick ratio (42.68). Low debt-to-equity ratio (0.09). Low debt-to-asset ratio (0.01) Degree of Financial Leverage EBIT Interest Preferred stock dividend DFL 30% Debt 922.2 52.7 0.4 1.062 50% Debt 922.2 87.8 0.4 1.106 70% Debt 922.2 122.9 0.4 1.155 t has:

The above table shows that if AHP increases debt ratio, it will face a financial risk of increased debt-to-equity and debt-to-asset ratios resulting into solvency problems in long terms. AHP also face liquidity problems since the quick ratios decrease when the debt ratios increase. A ns. 3: The Company always focused on giving maximum return to its shareholders. At 70% debt, both the EPS and DPS are maximum as shown which implies possible increase in stock price which is beneficial to the shareholders due to their capital appreciation.

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