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From the passage adapted from the Murder Room, P.D.James uses a voluminous amount of techniques and usage of language to reveal the conditions of which the Gearings were living. One of the major techniques the author conveys is imagery. He shows us the condition of the house for instance in line 42, “the small sitting room with the flowered curtains, shabby furniture.” This was allocated to give a visual appearance on how the house was situated and also to give the readers the idea that their living conditions are destitute. Another imagery consumed by P.D.James to reveal the condition of the house were the house was security enforced with security locks, nailed windows due to Mr. Gearings disease which causes him to go in and out of the house as he pleases. The level of security also shows the possible paucity the Gearings were living and the restrictions they were to. From the lamentable scent of the heated and squalid room, one can imagine the despicable state in which the family was living. As the author describes the old eyes of Mrs. Gearings, showing the frazzled and apprehensive position she was in due to her husband’s disease. As the passage steps forward, another character trait was seen with the narrow malevolent eyes of Mr. Gearings, showing his mind set due to his disease, and also that he is particular with his surroundings. During their conversation a tip of sarcasm was used in the dialogue on lines 24-25, where Mrs. Gearings said, “I suppose were waiting on someone to die”. This conveys that she is anxious and apprehensive about if she would ever get a respite. The other dialogue with them discussing matters about Ms. Nugent and the little pay she receives also shows that their living in a destitute manner and Mrs. Gearings need assistance with managing and taking care of her husband. Having the identical conversation for about…...

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