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Advanced Persistent Threats

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Case Study 1: Advanced Persistent Threats
Keyth Lee
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CIS 502
Dr. Emmanuel Nyeanchi
January 22, 2014

This paper analyzes the 2011 APT Summit findings and the 2012 RSA Security Brief. It summarizes the findings of both of the aforementioned documents, examines several popular cyber attack methodologies, and describes various ways to respond to these attacks. It is interesting that both documents allude to the fact that persistence on the part of humans to “wreak havoc” is the root of most security threats. Additionally, both documents unambiguously assert that the most effective way to combat unwanted activity on networks is to share any data regarding network attacks and/or attempts to hack a system. Apparently, organizations are averse to such collaboration for fear of divulging unrelated, sensitive information or because of legal concerns. Not to mention that organizations are generally unenthusiastic about publicizing a network breech.

Advanced Persistent Threats
If you have ever had a pest infestation in the attic of your home, you will find the concept of “advanced persistent threats” easy to understand. Can you remember how the whole thing started with an intermittent “scratching” noise? Well, that was a persistent pest trying to gain access to your attic. Can you remember how the “scratching noise” gradually morphed into multiple “scratching noises”? Well, that was probably the pest inviting all of his friends after having successfully invading your attic. The same is true of cyber criminals. A patient and persistent cyber will gain access to your network. The question is; how quickly will you notice the intrusion? How will you respond? Firstly, this paper analyzes the 2011 APT Summit findings. Secondly, it examines the 2012 RSA Security Brief. Thirdly, it discusses popular attack methods, protections against…...

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