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Observational Activity: Adolescence now and then

For my interview I spoke with my Grandfather, Mr. Michael Patterson age 81 from Toms River, New Jersey, I will be referring to my Grandfather by his preferred nick-name Micky. Micky's religious background is Roman Catholic, and education level is High School Graduate. Micky attended high school in Brick, New Jersey at a private Catholic school. He was never the studious, academia focused student, however, did well enough to earn respectable grades in classes. Most homework assigned was repetition and copying type work to reinforce the lessons taught by the teachers who were also Nuns. Physical punishment at school was still very much in play when Micky attended school so most students completed the homework assignments. All of the traditional school subjects were taught, math, grammar, history, science, and because it was a Catholic school, religion. Micky worked at the family Italian restaurant starting at age 12, he would slice peppers, meats, and vegetables for the family, and as he grew older he moved to the wait staff. During our talk, and something that has been mentioned many times by Micky, he recalls the work ethic of adolescents during that time and the loyalty to family in comparison to today. Micky very much loved his family and cared for them, growing up in a working class family they were very close despite long work hours and as he stated “ always being tired, but that's how you know you worked hard”. Clothing and fashion were not a priority for Micky, it was a school uniform during the day, and plain pants and shirt with an apron at work, the family's money provided them with what was necessary and they had the clothing they needed and nothing more. Micky had a few good friends that he still is in contact with today, while they were young, they would frequent the New Jersey seaside boardwalk, and…...

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