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Accounting Changes

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| ACCOUNTING CHANGES | | | Sabrina Whitehead | Dr. M. Austin ZekenAccounting Undergraduate Capstone Acc 499 | 4/26/2012 |


Discuss the primary reason for the restatement and the impact to the financial results for the Company.

Dell computers has delivered technology solutions for more than twenty-six years and has transformed countries, communities and the private sector to help achieve their goals at work, home and school. Michael Dell created PCs Limited but later changed the name to Dell Computer Corporation in 1984, as a freshman attending the University of Texas. The young entrepreneur purchased computer parts from wholesale distributors, installed them in his version of the IBM, and then began selling the custom-built person computers from his dorm room. After one year of successful business Michael Dell left college and incorporated his business and the Dell Company went public, selling stock market shares for $8.50 per share.
After years of financial accomplishment in 2006 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made inquiries of Dell internal accounting and Dell Inc. was investigated after a review of past accounting and reporting practices and company eventually disclosed wrongful conduct for deferring revenue coming from software sales, errors and irregularities which took place from 2003 through 2007. The investigation concluded that a number of adjustment were improper, including the creation and release of accruals and reserves that appear to have been made for the purpose of enhancing internal performance measures or reported results, as well as the transfer of excess accruals from one liability account to another and the use of the excess balances to offset unrelated expenses in later periods. Also, the investigate found that personnel did not provide complete information to corporate headquarters and, purposefully…...

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