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Whenever the thought of domestic violence comes to mind, more than often the visual picture is a women or a child. But there is another side that is ignored because it is bushed up under the rug, and ignored as if it is seemingly impossible for it to happen and that is the abuse of men; this review will examine this important and neglected issue that society seems to ignore.
On the contrary there are several conflicts that destroy a relationship. The biggest conflicts that seem more widely publicized and always at the forefront is infidelity, poor financial handling, sex, children and abuse. Seemingly, abuse is something that is more tolerated and unmentioned as a code of silence on both sides of the relationship, this is usually the case because the victim (man/women) is too ashamed to mention the abuse, and unless either witnessed or displays visible signs of abuse it will be tolerated until the victim has had enough, or unless death occur. Society is beginning to realize that domestic violence is an increasing growing issue and must continue to work towards implementing programs to decrease it within the homes.
The myths! Which are outlandishly ridiculous, with the mitigating factor being the distortion of subconscious beliefs of these myths that leads to abuse; The Super Bowl Sunday myth seems to grow wings and fly because of media, who stated that every year domestic violence rates were higher because of the outcomes of games, this myth was never proven. Then there is the military myth that men in the military where more abusive then men in any other profession.
As I previously stated, the media has a lot to do on how the reporting of domestic abuse is perceived by the public, as we all know and especially for those that have lived domestic abuse first hand knows that the media can be sexist. The perfect example would be the story that Cook used in his…...

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