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Abstinence-only: Does it work?
Statistics show that “70 percent of US teens have engaged in oral sex…and more than 45 percent have had intercourse at least once.” Today’s future generation has been involved in sexual activities more than ever. The question is, do they know what they are getting themselves into? With the deliberation on what should be taught in a sex education class, many wonder if the abstinence-only programs are working to lower the number of teens that participate in these activities? Paul Weyrich’s article “Abstinence Education Works” and Arthur Caplan’s article “Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Defies Common Sense: Education Policy Spreads Ignorance, Sends Confusing Messages to Teens” both have different viewpoints on abstinence-only sex education.
Weyrich claims that having abstinence-only education programs can prevent teen pregnancies and transmissions of sexually transmitted diseases. Research from Texas A&M, show that sex education classes that teach abstinence have significantly lowered sexual activity rates among teens. Studies show that abstinence programs are very beneficial and many ways towards teenagers. The programs teach teens to be safe, prepared, and mature about sex; as well prepare them for when they get married and have sex in the future. Weyrich finishes off strong by restating his main point: the best prevention against STDs and unplanned pregnancies is not having sex before marriage.
According to Caplan, STD’s are rapidly spreading among young people, and abstinence-only sex education classes are not needed because teens should be able to make their own decisions. He believes many people, particularly parents, are still indecisive about what should be taught in a sex education class. Sex education lessons vary in different states because of the rules that come with teaching sex in a school. Congress and the…...

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