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efore exploring knowledge- and skill-based pay or performance pay as an alternative teacher compensation strategy, it must be clearly understood that this strategy is not "merit pay" under a new name. Individual performance-based pay systems, or merit pay, traditionally have evaluated teachers against one another for a fixed pool of funds. The aim has been to identify and reward the "best" teachers with additional pay, although the determination of "best" often was subjective and based on non-existent or vague criteria.

In contrast, skill-based pay rewards teachers for attaining and being able to use knowledge and skills valued by the school, district or state, such as the ability to teach all students the mathematics promoted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics or the ability to diagnose individual student's learning needs and to provide instruction targeted at those needs. Skill attainment is judged against a predetermined, clear-cut standard. A skill-based pay system does not create competition among teachers because all have the opportunity to develop the skills. It also signals the type of skills the school wants its faculty to acquire and use. Skill-based pay systems, thus, focus individual skill development on the knowledge and skills necessary for the organization to accomplish its goals.

A knowledge- and skill-based pay system can more directly relate a teacher's compensation to acquisition and demonstration of specific and skills than the current single salary schedule. Another benefit of a knowledge- and skill-based system is that it can reward the development of different types of knowledge and skills, including those directly related to instruction as well as those that are less direct. For example, the first and probably the most critical category, would be depth in the areas of content, curriculum and instructional expertise. A…...

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