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There are many women in the world that decide to have abortions for their own personal reasons or reasons that may affect the unborn child’s life. We live in a society of unwanted pregnancies and where people are either Pro-life (against abortion) or Pro-choice (for abortion). I consider myself Pro-choice and believe that abortion should not be controlled by the government. Pro-choice groups believe that woman should be free to follow their own ethical beliefs concerning the termination or the continuation of a pregnancy (Wikipedia). Many recognize that their different beliefs about abortion access and that the state should not attempt to enforce a common belief system on all pregnant women who decide to terminate their pregnancies. The legalization of Abortion started in 1973 with the Roe vs. Wade case. This made abortion legal in all 50 states. Abortion is safe because we know the risks involved in an abortion are very low relative to other surgical procedures, and the risk of death from an abortion is one-tenth that of childbirth (Abortion Access). There are many different reasons that people fight for and against Abortions. You have those whom think that terminating a pregnancy is murder and the parent and doctor are committing the crimes. The situations where woman should have the right to abortion are where they have been raped, their health or life is at risk, contraception was used but failed, the woman has became pregnant because of sexual abuse or she feels unable to raise a child. This is a continuing problem in our country and should be a choice in a woman’s life. So under what conditions is it okay for the government to step in and make a woman unwillingly give birth to a child?

Reasons Women have Abortions In the U.S. women choose to end about 25%…...

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