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Major areas for final settlement of tax liability : Tax deducted at source for the following cases is treated as final discharge of tax liabilities. No additional tax is charged or refund is allowed in the following cases:- * Supply or contract work * Band rolls of hand made cigarettes * Import of goods * Transfer of properties * Export of manpower * Real Estate Business * Export value of certain items including knit and woven garments. * Local shipping business * Royalty, technical know-how fee * Insurance agent commission * Auction purchase * Payment on account of survey by surveyor of a general insurance company * Clearing & forwarding agency commission * Transaction by a member of a Stock Exchange * Courier business * Compensation against acquisition of property * Premium value over face value of a share * Income from transfer of securities of a sponsor shareholder. * Winning lotteries. Tax Recovery System : In case of non-payment of income tax demand the following measures can be taken against a taxpayer for realization of tax:- * Imposition of penalty, * Attachment of bank accounts, salary or any other payment, * Filing of Certificate case to the Special Magistrate. Advance Payment of Tax :

Every taxpayer is required to pay advance tax in four equal installments falling on 15th September; 15th December; 15th March and 15th June of each year if the latest assessed income exceeds Taka four lakh. Penalty and interest are imposed for default in payment of any installment of advance tax. | | | | | | | |
Fiscal incentives :

Following are fiscal incentives available to a taxpayer:-

a) Tax holiday : Tax holiday is allowed for industrial undertaking, tourist industry and physical infrastructure facility established between 1st July 2008 to 30th June 2011 in fulfillment of certain…...

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