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ABC Inc. needs help
Starlene Royce March 11, 2013 Julie Dwyer COMM/215 - ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING

In April a new hire recruiter Mr. Robins of ABC Inc. had been faced with a few difficult situations. Mr. Robins had managed to get fifteen hires within six months, but still Robins was a new employee of the company himself. These difficult situations have attributed from poor planning and not having proper qualifications for the post. In which the situations can be a lack of sufficient monitoring of pre-employees and current ones.

ABC Inc needs help.

The background
Mr. Carl has gotten fifteen new hires within six months to work for Monica Carrols of whom is the Operation supervisor. The new employees have to start work and be ready by July. IN which Mr. Carl has to have an orientation for all the new hires on June 15th.
Operation Supervisor has contacted Mr. Carl on the 15th of May to let him know that some situations have a raised in which protonated to the material, physicals, and the drug screening as well as the training schedule.(university of phoenix material 2007, pp215. These situations of which, Carl should have gathered for the new hires. So with the confidence Carl told Monica that everything will be okay by the time the new hires had to be orientated. When returned from Memorial Day weekend Mr. Robins found that the new hires paper work weren’t filled out complete. He had discovered that pages were missing from the orientation manuals. Mr. Robins also realized that none of the new hires had gotten the drug test, in which was supposed to be done by all new hires. Not only did they not do the drug test but, the conference room had been double booked.

There are many different situations that have been noticed within the company case. The one that was noticed was of poor planning. The company has adequate timing mechanism for which doesn’t fit all the company needed activities; meaning that they need more space. The new hires weren’t compliant with what needed to be done before starting the job.
On top of all the situations mentioned have an inadequate number of employee manuals when there should be fifteen. Then not having enough room to preserver for the June orientation. The data was supposed to be filled out as part of the process for new hires wasn’t finished, but yet the new employees still got to work. On which Mr. Carl who has poor ethics for work, and thus incompetent for his job, thus making it hard for organization. So it isn’t easy to meet deadline goals.
In having all the situations Mr. Robins needed to come up with a possible short term solution in which will help him fix the most immediate solutions. Making all employees transcripts attached to all files along with undergoing the screen test. In having this quick fix will enable Mr. Robins to reach his target by having all new hires working by July. Making sure that the transcripts are in all new hire packets. Mr. Robins should then make sure that there are enough copies to hand the new hires as well as making sure that they are complete. There must also be the correct technology for the training.
Mr. Robins should help management find alternative to reduce any conflicts with resources. Saying that if a company is going to do new hires every year it should have a plan way in advance of venues schedule.
Fixing the Situation
For the company ( ABC Inc) to run smoothly and correctly all departments should work together within as a team. Mr. Robins should’ve been aware of his job being a new hire himself. He should’ve asked what was needed if he wasn’t sure for the new hire process.
Having the coordination of everyone could’ve solved the situation with the arising issue of manuals and pages missing. Having all departments on the same page could also help with the screening process as well. If all these things were in place it will save time and not waste money. Example is the time spent to look for a new venue for the reason the first one was double booked could’ve saved the time of looking for another and the money of the time wasted.
Mr. Carl needs to learn how to prioritize his work effectively. A checklist of what needs to come before what and then checking off the list as each new hire does what is needed to be done. In doing this it will eliminate any confusion on who did what and all the confusion of the transcripts and screening test.
Need to have better time management, which is an essential in a crisis of such. Thins should and need to be prioritized in an orderly fashion way. Having confirmation of all process such as a place and that all training things are there and ready including the manuals.
ABC Inc. should come up with ways to reduce conflicts with the resources. Having the adequate space ready for these trainings will help as well. Maybe if the company could gets a computerized training eliminating all the printing. If they had a computerized training system they may be able to incorporate a checklist with in telling new hires the steps that need to be done before starting work.

After review the real situation of ABC Inc. in the information given, possible dictations and alternatives which can provide may change the course of the company. Having the direction and everyone on the same team will eliminate miscommunication. Planning ahead and making sure that everything is in place will lead to a successful business and help run smoothly.

University of Phoenix material (2007) case study for student analysis, “located in week two of COM 215.”

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