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A Reflection on the Film Barber's Tales

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A Reflection on Barber’s Tales

A movie set in the 70’s during the Marcos dictatorship, “Barber’s Tales” is truly one of the Filipino films that not just Filipinos, but other people as well, should see. Unlike most Filipino films that people know nowadays that comprise of love teams or special effects, this movie is able to capture the attention of its audiences through gaining knowledge of history and different issues that exist and are relevant to our society then and now. And Jun Robles Lana, director and writer of the film, is able to excellently do this with the addition of laughs and just the right amount of drama.

The film depicts two kinds of struggles experienced by the Filipinos during the time of Marcos. One is a personal kind of struggle, and the other is social struggle. These were deliberately seen in the film, and were excellently paralleled, through two main factors: thirst for identity and freedom, and fear.

The first factor was the thirst for identity and freedom. The film was able to successfully show the personal struggle that women went through with the use of its different characters. There was a prostitute, which everyone knows is someone seen as someone very low in the society. There was another who was a mother who was shown in the film who was almost always pregnant for she had a husband who always thirsted for sexual actions. In addition, one was a battered wife who, in spite of always getting hit by his husband, continues to hold on to their marriage. These characters were those who were close to the main character of the story, Marilou, who most exemplified personal struggle. Even at the start of the film, it was very seen that she was merely a slave of her barber husband. Even when she decided to carry on the job of a barber after her husband died, no one in their village trusted her to be able to carry the task well, for she…...

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