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Ammartis McCrary Introduction to Computers 2/1/2011 A.D.King Report

Alfred Daniel Williams King was born on July 30,1930 in Atlanta, Ga. A.D.King was third child of Alberta Williams King and Martin Luther King Sr. He wasn’t like his brother, he were a little rough at times. He depended on his toughness to build his characteristics in their neighborhood. He didn’t focus in his studies like his other siblings. He started a family as a teenager, and married on June 17, 1950 to Naomi Barber who conceived five children for him. King refused to follow his father ministries but begin to help a little later. King graduated from Morehouse College and decided to become a pastor at Mount Vernon First Baptist Church in Newnan, Ga. He and Martin Jr were arrested in 1960 for the lunch counter sit in that happened in Atlanta. A.D.King became a leader of the Birmingham Campaign while being a pastor in Ensley, Alabama. King residences was bombed on May 11, 1963. After the bombing of his house took place thousands of people wanted revenge and tried to riot Downtown Birmingham Alabama. A.D. King tried to stop rioting before someone is brutally harmed. He stated that they should “stand up for their rights but in a non-violent way. A.D.King was also a strong believer of the non-violent movement as well as Dr. King. He was able to stay behind the scenes unlike his brother. As one of the members stated “Not being in the limelight never seemed to affect him but because he stayed in the background, many people never knew that he was deeply involved also (Johnson, “A Rights Activist).King moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he became a pastor at Zion Baptist church in 1965. He continued to fight for civil rights and succeed in the 1968 campaign for an open house ordinance. After his brother was assassinated there were rumors that A.D.King might become president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. But he didn’t commit to his brother’s role, although he continued the Poor People’s campaign. He returned to Ebenezer Baptist Church and served as co-pastor. His life was shortened when he drowned on July 21, 1969 at age 38. 5 sources with one paragraph each
A.D.King was a social reformer, civil rights activist, minister, and Dr.King younger sibling. He is credited with organizing the Birmingham and Louisville civil rights activities. His residence was bombed when he and his family lived in Birmingham, Alabama and a church where he served as pastor in Louisville, Kentucky was also bombed during the struggle. During his life he pastured four churches Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia; First Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama; Zion Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky; and Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he served as co-pastor alongside his father. His favorite sermon was “Peace Be Still”, where he thought of peace and the calmness of Christ doing the trying times. He was most known for his love to work with the youth and children’s ministry. He was found drowned in a pool of an Atlanta motel.
Jackson,C. Find a grave.05 February 2001.
Rev. A.D. King believed that war is never the answer and non-violence means will always overcome all means necessary. He believed that building bridges of mutual understanding, cooperation, goodwill, respect and love for humanity across gender, race, religion and culture will achieve peaceful coexistence and bring us closer to building a peaceful loving and gracious beloved community of humanity. Rev. A.D. King never sought fame or popularity but he was a true soldier of great transformation through nonviolent social change, commitment to serve by leading the poor people’s campaign and dedication to the movement for equity, freedom and justice for all. He paid dearly with his life for preaching love as an instrument of change not war. Through the establishment of the foundation can promote the teaching of Rev. A.D. king's methods of nonviolence and conflict resolution throughout the world. The foundation will become a resource for conflict resolution, building bridges of mutual understanding and creating the beloved community in every culture across the globe.
Orange, Rev. J. A.D.KingFoundation.

Rev. Dr. Alfred Daniel Williams King was born on July 30, 1930. Affectionately known as “A.D.”, Rev. King never sought fame or popularity as he played his significant roles in coordinating the logistic operations behind the civil rights movement. Rev. A.D. King was a true soldier of great transformation through nonviolent social change. He fulfilled a commitment to support the movement by leading the Poor People’s Campaign, the Birmingham Civil Rights Campaign, co-founding the Southern Christian Leadership Coalition, and building congregations at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church (Newnan, Georgia), First Baptist Church of Ensley (Birmingham, Alabama), Zion Baptist Church (Louisville, Kentucky), and Ebenezer Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA) where he served as co-paster after the death of his brother Martin Luther King, Jr. No stranger to controversy, Rev. A.D. King had a strong presence and influence at every world-changing moment during the 60s. He, too, was jailed during the lunch counter sit-ins, attacked during the marches and, on May 11, 1963 experienced the horror of having his home bombed by the Klu Klux Klan. After the death of a civil rights lawyer, Rev. A.D. King’s strength was demonstrated as he quieted an angry crowd by jumping on the back of a pickup truck, loudspeaker in hand, and stating “If you are going to kill someone, then kill me. Stand up for your rights, but with nonviolence.” Other historical moments for Rev. A.D. King included creating his youth organizations that are still in existence, supporting and educating many children every year.

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