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Network nodes are not directly aware that switches handle the traffic they send and receive, making switches the silent workhorse of a network. Other than offering an administrative interface, switches do not maintain layer three IP addresses, so hosts cannot send traffic to them directly. The primary attack against a switch is the ARP poisoning attack described earlier in the “Switches” section of this chapter. However, the possibility of an ARP attack doesn’t mean switches cannot be used as security control devices. As mentioned earlier, MAC addresses are unique for every network interface card, and switches can be configured to allow only specific MAC addresses to send traffic through a specific port on the switch. This function is known as port security, and it is useful where physical access over the network port cannot be relied upon, such as in public kiosks. With port security, a malicious individual cannot unplug the kiosk, plug in a laptop, and use the switch port, because the laptop MAC will not match the kiosk’s MAC and the switch would deny the traffic. While it is possible to spoof a MAC address, locking a port to a specific MAC creates a hurdle for a would-be intruder. Switches can also be used to create virtual local area networks (VLANs). VLANs are layer two broadcast domains, and they are used to further segment LANs. As described earlier, ARP broadcasts are sent between all hosts within the same VLAN. To communicate with a host that is not in your VLAN, a switch must pass the hosts packets through a layer three device and routed to the appropriate VLAN.

Consistent, continual IT security hardening is your enterprise’s most valuable security control. It minimizes network vulnerabilities, reduces the attack surface, and helps your organization avoid becoming a victim of zero-day exploits. Yet most security solutions simply try to limit outside access to the system where your sensitive data resides. This perimeter-centric approach to security leaves your infrastructure vulnerable to attack and compromise.

In addition, many IT security regulations require consistency and documentation of security hardening efforts—whether you apply your own IT security hardening policies or depend on the various best practices available from industry sources like COBIT, the Center for Internet Security or NIST. You need a security configuration management solution that reduces the attack surface by applying consistent, continual and automated system hardening.…...

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