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5 Siciotechnical Components

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The last component for the systems affected is how to set goals. They must be action plan in affect with the total quality management model. There should be a check and balance to ensure the effect of the new strategic plan, make it is communicated throughout the organization what the successes and failures are. All members need to realize the strengths and weakness of the company and how they can be altered. Make sure the accomplishments are measured at all levels. Also, the managers must provide a common language to be shred within the organization. Hence, the scorecard reshapes the company’s alignment. It helps align each member individually and collectively. It is a way to capture the market niche, gain power, and improve on the company’s current market share. The final key success factors are to provide the best service possible, respect the individual and its environment, and excellence through technological advantages is the way of life of production.

Wengart technological systems are also affected. The portions of the system that can be fixed are the way they check the vulnerability of the aircraft. That way it will help eliminate problem areas as they arise and can be restored. The company should empower individuals that can represent each subunit. For example, an information systems representative that can report directly to the project manager that will retain close ties with the division. Also by having a technical representative can also aid in the advancement of training, output of quality components, new techniques of production. This will eliminate mistakes in the inventory process and not so much time being spent on reworking defective equipment. The company needs to impact the contextual market by bringing the product to the customer at the point of their needs. By incorporating a division of labor for specialization of…...

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