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3g Network in Pakistan

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3G Technology
3G is the next generation of technology which has revolutionized the telecommunication industry. Apart from increasing the speed of communication, the objective of this technology is to provide various value added services like video calling, live streaming, mobile internet access, IPTV, etc on the mobile phones. These services are possible because the 3G spectrum provides the necessary bandwidth. Technically speaking 3G is a network protocol which refers to the generations of mobile phones and telecommunication equipments which are compatible with the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) standards stated by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The basic requirement for compiling to IMT-2000 standards is that the technology should provide peak data rates of at least 200 Kbit/s. It’s worth mentioning that speed isn’t the only criteria for deciding whether the network protocol is 3G or not. 3G isn’t just any high speed network but a protocol which has its own standards defined under IMT-2000 by ITU. 3G Technology is designed for multimedia communication. It provides services like higher data transfer rates. One of its key visions is to provide seamless global roaming, enabling users to move across borders while using the same number and handset. According to ITU it is expected that IMT-2000 will provide higher transmission rates: a minimum speed of 2Mbit/s for stationary or walking users, and 348kbit/s in a moving vehicle. Importance of 3G network
Mobile broadband is the fastest growing ICT segment in the world, according to a report released by the International Telecommunication Union, a UN agency. The new ITU report, titled Measuring the Information Society 2013, revealed strong global demand for ICT products and services and sharp growth in 3G uptake. The 2013 State of the Broadband report, released earlier this year, said that the rate of mobile broadband uptake means it will be the fastest growing technology in history. The new report said by the end of this year there will 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions – almost as many people in the world – and around 2.7 billion people with Internet connections. It also said 3G mobile broadband connections are increasing at around 40% per annum, with a global penetration rate of nearly 30%. Nearly 50% of the global population now has access to a 3G network.

1) 3G and Workplace Dynamics
3G Technology is an enabler of the development of the Wearable Computing Industry. The Wear Tel (TM) phone, for example, uses Eye Tap technology to allow individuals to see each other's point of view. Therefore, the miniature laser light source inside the Wear Tel eyeglass-based phone scans across the retinas of both parties and swaps the image information, so that each person sees what the other person is looking at.
This technology will enable the HR manager to have a better understanding of how to motivate and reward their employees as personal documentaries of their work-life will be shot from a first-person perspective. HR managers can provide better advice about handling difficult customers or closing sales. However, the immediate benefit is that this technology can be used as a training tool. The reason is that privacy laws have to be reviewed and updated in order that customers are adequately informed of this technology.

2) 3G and Mobile Job Interviewing:
With an attached camera in a mobile device, job interviews can be conducted as video-conferencing between the HR manager and the potential job applicant. Initially, the job candidate can answer basic questions like his highest qualification and salary expectation by pressing the key-pad of the mobile device. If successful, he can proceed to have a face-to-face interview.

3) 3G and Mobile Advertising :
3G technology will enable advertisers to send more sophisticated and customized permission-based advertisements to their target audience’s mobile devices. This will be an improvement from the current SMS. There will be a convergence between the internet and wireless technology as the target audience can request that more product information be sent as email. It is unlikely that these services will provide a sustainable advantage over the long run but they will shape the brand perception of an operator at the initial stage of the introduction of wireless Internet services. However, with the rise of m-commerce, ‘business-webs’ will become even more powerful as every customer will become linked into the web. According to Keith Shank of Ericsson, wire line operators will have to find a way to integrate with wireless by providing a package of combined service capabilities and transparent coverage. Demanding consumers will want convergence of wire line, wireless and data services.

Advantages & Disadvantages of 3G
* Overcrowding is relieved in existing systems with radio spectrum * Bandwidth, security and reliability are more * Provides interoperability among service providers * Availability of fixed and variable rates * Support to devices with backward compatibility with existing networks * Always online devices – 3G uses IP connectivity which is packet based * Rich multimedia services are available * The 3G system has increases the speed of data transfer between various devices. The speed of up to 2 mbps can be achieved by using 3G wireless technology devices. * These systems has made possible the Video Conferencing for mobile devices. * It supports Multi player games. Therefore, the youngsters have a kind of craze about 3G technology. They can play the games of their interests with their friends from any place at any time. * With 3G mobiles, one can his bills from the mobile and can also book the movie tickets or hotel rooms in advance. Thus it makes the systems very fast, it is being used for high speed broadband. Many large companies have supported the 3G mobile system for this reason. * The this technology phones provide better security of data. Thus people working for big companies prefer 3G technology over the 2G (second Generation) and 2.5G (2.5 generation) technologies. * The 3G phones also include the Mobile Television (T.V.), Location based services etc. One can watch the live T.V programs by using 3G phones. Thus becoming more useful and popular in the modern world.
* The cost of cellular infrastructure , upgrading base stations is very high * Needs different handsets. * Roaming and data/voice work together has not yet been implemented * Power consumption is high * Requires closer base stations and are expensive * Spectrum-license costs, network deployment costs and handset subsidies subscribers are tremendous. * High consumption of mobile battery
Today, the majority of mobile services used via 3G networks are already available in current 2.5G networks (GPRS, EDGE) such as browsing the Web, sending and receiving multimedia messages (like pictures and video), and e-mailing. Therefore, 3G should not be viewed as a new technology surpassing the existing 2.5G networks, or a revolution in mobile communication. Instead, 3G should be considered to be evolution of existing mobile communications. There is strong evidence to suggest that the main outcome of using 3G networks and services will be to get access to the same services with faster data connection speed. Furthermore, it seems that the success of 3G lies in its ability to serve not only mobile users but in providing access to the Internet with data cards inserted in laptops. Thus, 3G networks will serve the same purpose as LAN and WLAN networks. In terms of business opportunities, telecommunication companies main source of income is still coming from voice-centric services. For example, the mobile operator Hutchinson, offering services purely in 3G networks, announced this autumn 2004 that its main source of income comes from discount packets that offer free speech time in 3Gnetworks. Moreover, as long as the price of the network time is high in 3G, operators cannot wait fast diffusion of data centric mobile services. According to mobile operators, 3G is needed in congested places where the demand on current mobile networks exceeds the capacity. Another important factor affecting future of 3G is the availability of reasonably priced handsets. 3G devices launched to the market during 2004 have also suffered from various problems such as high power consumption that limits usage time.

Reference : 1) 2) 3) 4)…...

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