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In the Partial Fulfillment of the requirements
In English III presented to the faculty of
St. Agnes Academy of Caloocan Inc.

Group I
Añonuevo, Cris Jomel L.
Benilan, Princess Niña G.
Bulaclac, John Oliver N.
Cariño, Patrick C.
Fernandez, Lorenz P.
Lucero,Karle Sedreke M.
Pesalbon, Jhonmarc E.
Salamero, Michaela Janzen
Tacbas, Janrey Noah M.

S.Y – 2013 – 2014

This thesis entitled “FACTORS TO CONSIDER ON WHY FILIPINO STUDENTS ARE HAVING DIFFICULTIES IN THE THREE MAJOR SUBJECTS: ENGLISH, SCIENCE AND MATH.” has been prepared by Group IV in partial fulfillment of the requirement in English III. This has been examined and recommended for acceptance and approval for oral examination.

Mrs. Karen M. Corpuz
English Teacher

Approve by the committee on Oral defense with a grade of ________ on _________.

The researchers would like to express their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following person for the encouragement, suggestions, generosity of time, ideas and editing skills; and unending support for them to make this thesis a full and well done.
Mrs. Luzviminda B. Flores, school directress, for this task for our future work.
Mrs. Karen M. Corpuz, English teacher, for unstinted effort, support, patience, suggestions, time for editing thesis and the word of encouragement to her advice.
Students of St. Agnes Academy of Caloocan Inc., the respondents of this study, for their sincere cooperation and time.
Our beloved parents, for allowing us to go home late, encouragement, support, and effort that inspires us in pursuing this piece of work.
And above all, God Almighty, who gave us his fountain of blessing that makes everything possible in pursuing this endeavor.


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